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Last Name, First Name Positions Held
Archer, Frederic
Pittsburgh 1895-1901
Bidwell, Marshall
Cedar Rapids, IA; Pittsburgh 1932-66
Brinkler, Alfred
Portland, ME 1935-52
Brook, Arthur Scott
Atlantic City, NJ
Brown, Royal A.
San Diego, CA 1932-42, 1948-1954
Buck, Elanor Allen
Topeka, KS
Christian, Palmer
Denver, CO c.1918-20
Cornils, Ray
Portland, ME 1990-2017
Courboin, Charles
Springfield, MA 1919-21
Cronham, Charles R.
Portland, ME 1923-32
Duncan, Douglas I.
San Diego, CA 1957-1978
Dunham, Walter
San Antonio, TX 1928-?
Erwin, McConnell
Chattanooga, TN 1929-?
Fay, John E.
Portland, ME 1952-76
Fesmire, Barbara
Atlantic City, NJ
Gillett, James R.
Evanston, IN
Goldthwaite, Chandler
St. Paul, MN 1921-23
Heinroth, Charles
Pittsburgh, PA 1907-31
Hoag, Timothy
Atlantic City, NJ
Jackson, William H.
Atlantic City, NJ
Jacobson, Jared
San Diego, CA 1978-84
Kennerley, James
Portland, ME 2018-Present
Koch, Casper
Pittsburgh (North Side), PA
Koch, Paul
Pittsburgh (North Side), PA
Kraft, Edwin Arthur
Atlanta, GA 1914-15; Cleveland, OH
Lemare, Edwin H.
Pittsburgh, PA 1902-05; San Francisco, CA 1917-21;
Portland, ME 1921-23; Chattanooga, TN 1924-29
Macfarlane, Will C.
Portland, ME 1912-19, 1932-34; Melrose, MA
McAmis, Hugh
San Antonio, TX 1926-28
McGee, Gerald
Portland, ME 1983-88
Miller, Earl
Portland, ME 1988-89
Miller, Lois
Atlantic City, NJ
Morgan, J. Irving
Portland, ME 1919-21
Percy, Vincent
Cleveland, OH
Plimpton, Robert
San Diego, CA 1984-2000
Rafter, Douglas
Portland, ME 1976-81
Ramírez, Raúl Prieto
San Diego, CA 2018-Present
Reynolds, Clarence
Denver, CO
Shatto, Charles A.
San Diego, CA 1954-57
Sheldon Jr., Charles A.
Atlanta, GA 1915-52
Siewart, Herman
Orlando, FL
Stackus, Mabel
Pueblo, CO
Starnes, Percy J.
Atlanta, GA 1910-13
Stewart, Humphrey J.
San Diego, CA 1914-32
Turner, Arthur H.
Springfield, MA
Waldrop, Uda
San Francisco, CA 1921-?
Williams, Carol
San Diego, CA 2001-2017
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