Minneapolis Auditorium – Minneapolis, MN

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Builder W.W. Kimball Company
Year Built 1928
Opus Number KPO 7030
Size (man/ranks) V/IV/123
Extant Yes
Condition In storage/partially installed
History This organ is actually two organs, a V/122 concert organ and a IV/24 unit theatre organ. Addition of two mixture stops by M.P. Möller in 1957. When the auditorium was demolished in 1987, plans called for the instrument to be reinstalled in the new convention center. However, the project failed due to financial problems and was never finished. The organ remains in situ in its chambers at the Minneapolis Convention Center.
Organists Dedicated by Lynwood Farnum & Eddy Dunsteader
Stoplist Click here for stoplist
Links Information about the Kimball Organ from the Twin Cities AGO Chapter
Other Info OHS Citation
Kimball’s Magnum OpusThe city defaulted on the contract, and Kimball was never fully paid for the organ.

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