Videos of the Cleveland Auditorium Skinner Organ

A Demonstration of the Cleveland Auditorium Skinner organ
by Joseph McCabe and Jonathan Ortloff 
July 8, 2009

In part 1 of the demonstration we hear the following stops: Gt Stentorphone 8′, Gt. 1st Diapason 8′ , Gt. 2nd Diapason 8′, Gt. Philomela 8′, Gt. Clarabella 8′, Gt. 8′ stops, Ch. Klein Erzähler II 8′ , Ch. Dulcet II 8′ , Ch. Concert Flute 8′ & Bois Celeste 8′, Sw. Viol d’ Orchestre 8′ & Celeste 8′, Sw Stentorphone 8′, Sw. 1st Diapason 8′ , Gt. Ophicleide 16′, Gt. Tromba 8′, Gt. Mixture III w chorus, Sw. French Trumpet 8′, Ch. Trumpet 8′, Ch. Clarion, and So. Tuba Mirabilis 8′

We sing the National Anthem with the organ.

In part 2 of the demonstration, Jonathan Ortloff ascends to the organ loft to demonstrate some of the Pedal stops. First we see a demonstration of the device that allows one person to lift a wooden reed resonator off the reed boot. Next, we hear the 32′ Violone and 32′ Diapason (mostly inaudible in this video). Then we hear the 2nd Bombarde 32′, 1st Bombarde 32 and lastly, the Solo Tuba Mirabilis 8′ on 30″ wind pressure.

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