Carnegie Music Hall – Pittsburgh, PA

The Carnegie organ played at the 2010 OHS National Convention.
This was the first time the organ had been played publicly in decades.


Builder Farrand & Votey
Year Built 1895
Opus Number N/A
Size (man/ranks) IV/
Extant No (see history)
Condition Poor
History Originally F&V 4m 1895; new console by Hutchings & Votey in 1903. Rebuilt by Skinner in 1910, opus 180. Organ replaced by Skinner in 1917, opus 270; 1917 organ rebuilt by Aeolian-Skinner in 1933 with new console, opus 907; Swell reed chorus and mixture replaced by Aeolian-Skinner in 1950, opus 907A.
Organists Frederic Archer (1895-1901)
Edwin H. Lemare(1902-05)
Charles Heinroth (1907-1931)
Marshall Bidwell (1932 – 1966)
Stoplist click here for stoplist
Other Info This organ is in grave danger from decay and disrepair and is not used.

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